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Amman is the capital of Jordan. The city is located in the northwest of the country, only a few tens of kilometers from the West Bank and the Dead Sea. The city originated in a valley, but due to the increase in population, the surrounding hills were later also built on. Archaeological finds from the Neolithic era have been made near Amman. In the Roman period, Amman, then Philadelphia, was part of the cities of the Decapolis. From the Greco-Roman period, remains of the city walls, a temple dedicated to Zeus-Ammon, an odeon and an amphitheater have been preserved.

Modern Amman was founded in 1878, when the Ottoman Empire settled a group of Cherkessian immigrants here. They formed the majority of the population until the mid-twentieth century. It was partly due to a large immigration of Palestinians, who fled to Jordan from 1948 because of the Arab-Israeli conflict, that the city experienced a great growth. Especially after 1967 there was a very strong immigration. The Black September armed conflict was fought in Amman.

Amman is a modern metropolis. The number of inhabitants is still rising sharply. Economically, things are going so well in Amman that many foreign companies are establishing themselves there. The stock exchange of Amman is called the Amman Stock Exchange. Important means of transportation are the bus, the taxi, and the shared taxi. Amman is the main hub of the Jordanian transport system.

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